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What’s so funny? May 25, 2016

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Yup, we have some tough moments parenting 2 under 2. But there is so much to laugh about on a daily basis. It’s a good thing I still have control of my bladder!!

I’ve been pinning healthy toddler meals for months. Like, ohhhh I’m going to be such a great parent if I can get my kid to eat all his food groups. Right, like that ever happens. This meal…image

all he ate were the pretzels. Oh, and he licked some dressing off the broccoli. What a turd. Seriously, I don’t think he’d ever get tired of “fench fies”. Basically he asks for fries at every meal. Sometimes I give him sweet potato fries, sometimes it’s Costco baked organic healthy-as-a-potato-chip veggie fries, and yup, sometimes it’s happy meal time. No shame. Whatever. My kid likes to eat. A lot. And he gets his veggies in. I might have to sneak it in his food. But sometimes he really loves his veggies! And sometimes he just throws food on the floor when I turn my back.

The other day I was so proud to give him this lovely balanced toddler-friendly meal: Mac & cheese, Hebrew National hot dog (sliced into the smallest damn pieces I could get them into), and carrot slices. What did my kid do? Oh, he rubbed ketchup all over his face. How could I not laugh when I sat down to eat lunch with him? Silly kid!


War paint!

Next case is point. Potty training. We are actually too lazy to start… I mean, we are waiting until we are back from a couple vacations this summer. Ha! He loves to run around naked in the backyard. No one can see into our backyard, I should add. So this evening his dad shows him how to pee on a tree. Toddler watches him intently. His dad shows him how to “shake” it when he’s finished. Toddler shakes his booty and giggles. His dad tells him to go potty. Toddler squats and tries to poop. Oh boy!


And my final funny for the night… I said to the sweet hubby, “I just want to go upstairs and take a bath. Alone for 10 minutes then you can bring Blaze up for a bath.” He shook his head no since he spent the past 30 minutes of the floor of toddler’s bedroom coaxing him to sleep and Blazer Razor was now the fussy one. Then he figured out that he could watch Sportscenter for 30 minutes with baby Blaze and said “get up there”. So, there I was enjoying my moments of freedom thinking about my to-do list for tomorrow. [OMG, ladies- my new hair stylist is coming TO MY HOUSE tomorrow to do my hair!!!] anyways….. In walks hubby. With explosive baby poop on his shirt. Best part is that he had NO CLUE he’d been pooped on. It ain’t always pretty but I love this messy, wonderful, sometimes chaotic, life!!



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