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Real life. July 16, 2016

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As I fill my Pinterest boards with home decor, kid’s crafts and the projects for Jake and I to do together, I think WTF?!? When will I ever get this $hit done? Probably never. Nope, because my house actually looks like this most the time:


Because real life with with a 4 month old means I am waking up every 2-3 hours to feed the teething infant. And I rely on dry shampoo before going out in public. It means instead of putting him in his crib and letting him scream until he naps, I am nursing him to sleep and holding him so he won’t wake up. It also means that I get to hold and love on this baby most the day. For this, I am so thankful.image

He’s a mama’s boy and I’ll take advantage of it because before I know it he will be covered in dirt and battle wounds, like his older brother. And like his older brother, he will soon think Dada is the bomb dot com.


Real life means my toddler doesn’t get full attention when he should. And he watches too much Mickey Mouse when I am tending to his little brother. It means we let him play on his own in the backyard and sometimes he comes back with dog poop in his hand. Real life also means that my toddler is exploring and learning to entertain himself.


He’s adventurous and a non-stop wild child. I love that about him!! He is not afraid to fall. And, holy crap, he falls all the time. He’s kind of like me. He falls. Pretends that he meant to do that. Then gets on with life. So that’s real life. Lots of messes. Lots of falls. And plenty of snuggles, kisses and “I love you’s”. That’s the stuff that really matters. Not that perfect Pinterest life. Who ever has for that? If you do, can you please send your nanny and maid over to my house so I can start working on some home decor projects!!


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