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Screaming into a Pillow August 3, 2016

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In my past life, before motherhood, I was a school counselor. Every day frustrated kids would come talk to me about friend issues, anger with their parents, or disagreements with their teacher. One of the tools I taught them was how to calm down before having a conversation to solve the issue. Stress management 101. In my twenties stress was nothing. As a parent I use these tools daily. All. Freakin. Day. I am currently utilizing: screaming into a pillow. Why?

  1. I am training the baby to sleep in his crib. Which he doesn’t love. And he likes to wake up every 30 minutes to make sure I’m still on the air mattress right next to him. I swear he feels me walk away back to my room and pops open an eye and his face turns into the pouty-about-to-scream face. Little stinker!
  2. Toddler does not want to eat anything today. Not peaches. Nope, those were thrown on the floor when I went back to the fridge. Not apples. He hid those in his highchair so I wouldn’t see where they went. And not even banana chocolate chip bread. Because he thinks the chocolate chips are “poo poo”.
  3. My current favorite- Toddler thinks he is an NFL defensive tackle and tries to knock us down on our asses. He rams into us repeatedly and laughs. I’ve tried all types of discipline for this one and he laughs even more. The one time I moved out of his way he ran himself right into the door. Now, I’m the jerk. Maybe I should just strap a helmet on his head and set up an obstacle course.
  4. After spending 20 minutes playing with toddler at the park I sit down to feed the baby. Toddler walks up and puts his adorable, sweaty little face in front of mine and demands my hand. “Hand, hand, hand. MOMMY! HAND!!”
  5. Walking home from the park the toddler sprints ahead and hides behind a tree. I tell him it’s time to go home and eat lunch. He tells me “no” and collapses next to tree. I hope none of my neighbors watched me struggle to drag, carry and coax this obnoxious little boy terrorist back to our house.IMG_0363
  6. Oh, I have more but baby just woke up and demands milk.

Tonight I will be doing yoga (aka having a glass of wine) and spending some time crafting  or locking myself in my bathroom for a bath. Alone.

How do you stay calm through the challenges of motherhood?


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