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I love shopping (alone)! August 25, 2016

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imageI do love shopping!!! I remember the days when my girls and I would run around town shopping and sitting down for hours afterwards having cocktails and fancy appetizers. Now, my shopping sprees look a bit different.

On the search for curtains today. So I head to Pier 1 to look around. Uh oh, they don’t have any sort of cart to contain my monkey-armed mini terrorist that can break every effin thing in sight. So this is how we went about shopping for curtains. I didn’t find any. Or maybe I didn’t see any because my terrorist was poking out my eyeballs.



The best kind of shopping is grocery shopping. We do it about twice a week and the secret to happiness is the red shiny Cadillac of grocery carts. We can cruise down every aisle and he smiles at everyone he passes. However, Trigger’s new favorite word is “farted”. I think Jake taught him this. I would never say the word fart. And I definitely never fart. But just to warn you— you should NEVER fart in the grocery store! Trigger will announce it over the loud speaker. “FARTED! Farted! Mommy Farted!!”. Damn kid!



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