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Judgey-Mc-Judgerstons August 26, 2016

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Do you know how nice it is to hear, “you’re doing a good job, mama”?!? I get tears in my eyes when someone tells me this. The other day I received a text message from a family member that complimented how great my kids are. That seriously felt better than fitting into my skinny jeans. It’s not so easy to have all your kids’ needs met at the same time while keeping calm and collected. I’m no Mary Poppins. Like, seriously, why is Trigger crying? Because he has to share toys now. His life sucks sometimes.


I am part of a new moms group in my town and am really enjoying all the diversity in parenting styles. Today we all met up and played with our kids at The Little Gym. Sooooo fun and awesome instructors. I want to go back Every. Freaking. Day. My kids had so much fun!! Look at this face!


It took Trigger about 20 minutes to get out the door and into the car. It was haaaaaaaarrrrrd to leave this place! But I didn’t feel judged about my toddler having a meltdown. I felt supported by the people that worked there and the other moms. That’s the way to be!!

I just read this post my best friend sent me. SO TRUE!! There are WAY too many judgey-mc-judgerstons out there on social media!! Yes, I forward face my toddler. Yes, I feed my kids solids at 5.75 months. Yes, I use a binky so I don’t have to be an all-night pacifier. Yes, I drink wine as a breastfeeding mom. These are my educated choices after talking with expert MEDICAL professionals. Also, I rarely dress my kids in clothes because it’s way more fun to hang out in a diaper. So, as the movie Bad Moms said, “here’s to all us bad moms”! Cheers beotches! We aren’t bad moms- I think we are fun moms doing a hell of a good job with cool freakin kids!


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