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Parenting Fail May 5, 2016

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Why does this parenting stuff have to be so tough? Today, I’m just done. Beat. Tired. Emotional drained. Done.


I’m done being a single parent. This is a whole lot more fun when my husband comes home from work and is the fun one, throwing Trigger in the air and making him giggle. Trigger doesn’t understand why his dad isn’t home during the week. The hubs moves down for real on Friday. Two more days. Two long effin days!

I’m done having a stupid freakin cast on my arm. Do you know how hard it is to drag a toddler out of Goodwill with one hand? Yup, it suuuuuuuuuuuucks to pull 27 pounds of dead weight, kicking and screaming for the ride-on toy! imageThere was no reasoning with him. I tried that. There was no talking gently at eye-level telling him I understand that he wants the car but we can’t get it today. Nope. No bribing with fruit snacks. Not even a french fry bribe worked. So that was a fun parenting fail.

Today had so many difficult moments. Crying, screaming, throwing food, fall-on-the-floor fits, “no, no NO”, “mommy, mommy, mommy”. Yes, I signed up for this. I thought because I had a mellow 1 year old that I could handle another baby. And then Trigger turned 18 months and I thought, “what in the hell were we thinking?”. Our days are mixed with so much insanity (no, not the workout) and love. Yes, of course, there is lots of LOVE.

At the end of the day all that really matter is that today Trigger said “love you” for the first time ever. Talk about a melted heart. It made me laugh. It made me cry. And then, somehow I managed to give both babies baths today. imageSomething magical happened. Trigger leaned over the tub and chatted to his brother and tickled his belly in his baby bath. Blaze was on the verge of his first giggle. They smiled at each other and Blaze cooed at his big brother. (And, PS: this kid never misses a meal. I’m in love with his chub)imageThese are the moments that all those insanely ridiculous times worth it. Seeing their interactions makes my heart grow. It gives me the push to get through the rest of the night without screaming into a pillow. Tomorrow it starts all over again. Now, if I can just get this parenting thing down. 😉


Trigger The Terrible 1.0 April 14, 2016

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imagePreface: 2 weeks ago I fell and broke my thumb, which required surgery. We are in the middle of a move from Juneau to the Seattle area and with only one arm I needed the help from my parents during this transition. So the kids and I flew to Arizona, I had surgery last week and the grandparents are helping us out! I’ve got this awesome cast and am not supposed to use my left arm.

Ok, here is how my day went down: Now that we are in the desert the toddler wakes at 6am demanding Mickey Mouse. So I turn on cartoons and let him chill until I can handle his craziness. This morning I made my coffee and let him out of the kennel (my sister’s term for the pack and play). As I’m picking up his 6 week old brother to give him the boob, Trigger dumps my coffee over, splashing it all over the carpet and bedding. Toddler is NOT burned. Phew! But now I have to get my mom to help me strip the bed and the bed skirt. I can’t do it with one hand and apparently this bedding can only be dry cleaned? Jesus. Sorry you are taking care of four family members ages 6 weeks- 754 months (Papa Kirk) right now. Poor mom.
Then we decide to go to Farmer’s Market today, which actually went well besides Trigger screaming “mommy, mommy, mommy” as we peruse the Southwest art and goodies. Apparently the separation anxiety is high and tight at the moment. So after a trip to the Chinese restaurant, Ross and Safeway, he falls asleep in the car seat with his new blue ball we found him at Safeway. Transfer to kennel is a success and after a 3.5 hour nap I go check on him… He’s just chilling in his crib. He sees me and says “ball”. Awesome, let’s go play outside! I’ve found this tiny baby pool that I filled with water while he was napping and he goes straight to baby pool and starts splashing. So I strip him down so he can get in baby pool. I turn around to throw his 8 pound pee diaper in the garbage and hear a huge splash. He had run straight for big pool and jumped in. (I have no idea how the pool was opened, apparently grandma had opened it earlier) Thankfully the motherly instinct kicks in and I jump in after him. I see his head underwater and his eyes looking up at me, I grab him with both arms before he’s scared of any of this life-threatening situation. Toddler is safe! Thank goodness. Can I just say that’s all that matters in this story, that my baby is safe. Seriously.
But oops, my cast is soaked and I’m fully clothed. First world problems. These things can be replaced, Trigger can’t. So I get the grandparents and tell them what just happened. They are calm and concerned, like me. I go change into dry clothes while they watch Trigger The Terrible. He’s just hanging out naked eating some snacks. He is unchanged by this moment that has suddenly made me a helicopter parent. So Papa Kirk moves a chair in the sun for me to dry my cast. Trigger is still being a daredevil and climbing on the rock wall– naked. I ask him to get down for the 29th time this week. He gets down.

I grab my coffee. Yeah, I’m finally having my first cup of coffee at 5:30pm. But I smell something gross. Poop. Do I smell poop? Yup, he took a big dump in the rocks. And he walks away from me with a chunk of dingle berries attached to his crack.
The days are LONG. Seriously long!


Things I didn’t expect after having a baby August 26, 2014

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Moms are very quick to offer advice to pregnant first-timers. All of what they tell you is true. You’ve heard it already if you are expecting, but here is what I wasn’t told about having a baby and this is the stuff I like to share with expecting moms:

1. When my milk came in overnight I woke up and looked in the mirror and admired my new AMAZING implants. It seriously looked like I had just been blessed with a boob job, a good one too! Sure, they were sore but at least it was the one improvement to my post-baby body! My husband couldn’t stop staring and it was definitely a “look but don’t touch” situation.

2. Cluster feeding. What’s that?! That, my friend, is the worst exhaustion I’ve ever experienced. You want to perform some hypnosis on your child to convince him that he is full and can really go to sleep. Trigger would feed for 20 minutes, sleep for 15 minutes, feed for 20 minutes, sleep for 15 minutes…repeat for about 4 hours. Usually from 10pm to 2am. Why wasn’t he full? I am sure I was empty (aka droopy, saggy boobs. I want my implants back!!!!). Luckily this stopped when he was a month old and I didn’t mind the 4am feeding as long as I got a couple more hours of sleep at some point throughout the day.

3. I knew I would love my baby but I had no clue how much love I could feel. I spent the first few nights just staring at him and smiling. My heart felt like it was overflowing with love and happiness. It’s a different type of love from when you marry your best friend. I won’t say it’s better, just different 🙂

Trigger at 2 weeks old Photo by Hosh Photo, Juneau, AK

Trigger at 2 weeks old
Photo by Hosh Photo, Juneau, AK

4. You won’t sleep. But you also won’t WANT to sleep when you first meet your baby. They are too miraculous and you will want to stay up and admire every move they make. (See delicious baby above) You also won’t want to sleep when they nap because you’ll want to change your clothes that you’ve been wearing for two days, take a shower to wash off the milk that dripped down your belly and to your thighs, do a load of laundry so you have some clean yoga pants, and maybe have a conversation with your husband or call a friend. Call the friend/sister that makes you laugh because it recharges your energy level!

5. You know those people who post WAY TOO MUCH on social media?! You’ll become one of them! Because becoming a parent is the greatest gift and pleasure you can imagine and you want to share that with your friends and family that live out-of-town.